Buckling Down…Again

It’s a venerable adage as applicable today as the first time you probably heard it…

“Sometimes, you do what you have to do to get by.”

It may not sound appealing, but today this sentiment is a reminder that what needs to be done isn’t always what we want to do. However, the underlying message is the need to do the right thing—roll with change and trust the situation will improve.

On the cusp of another school year, parents, teachers, and students are preparing for this annual transition amidst the pandemic. And as if that wasn’t enough, along with this gear shift are the additional stressors we all face.

Wearing masks will be a requirement in most local schools, with some businesses also asking they be worn by staff as well as customers. Granted, most don’t like wearing masks. It just doesn’t feel normal because it isn’t. But a worldwide pandemic is not the norm either, and most people alive today have never lived through one. Isn’t that reason enough to protect ourselves, family and others in this time like none other?

Vaccines, incredulously still a controversial preventative in some quarters, have become requisite in many companies. Despite their overwhelming efficacy, many remain skeptical and let issues of “personal rights” come before thoughts of protecting others. When did it become someone’s right to share a deadly virus?

If you are unvaccinated for whatever reason, please consider getting the vaccine for those around you, from children under 12 to the elderly, to those who have underlying conditions and need additional protection for flagging immune systems.

There is also power in numbers, and in the case of this ongoing pandemic, collaboration and the art of the golden rule is what will make the greatest difference. 

There are many things we do because we have to. We don’t necessarily like it but we do it. Paying taxes and other bills comes to mind, or even shopping for groceries when we’re tired but hungry. 

So instead of being prickly and defensive, consider taking a deep breath and moving on with grit, vision and a renewed sense of humor? Speaking of which, did you hear about the Mom who told her eavesdropping neighbor: “No, I’m not talking to myself, just having a parent-teacher conference…”

We’ll get through this together. And even though it may feel like forever, it’s not.

Better days are ahead….