Taking Care of Business

Listen to your staff and give them latitude to make decisions.

Swimming in a world of uncertainties like never before, the bedrock of business and life has never been more important.

If asked to identify your core business values and principles and how they’ve sustained you, particularly in the past few years…what would you say?

If ever there was a time to cling to small business verities, this is it.

Of course, qualities like industriousness, honesty, smarts, emotional intelligence, personality, vision, and—in many cases—just plain luck, are among the traits responsible for our lot in business and life. And it is many of these that we rely on now.

Coping Mechanisms

A snap query of long-time business associates and clients reveals a 

few of the trusted ways these contacts are coping. They include:

• Value your staff and your customers. Appreciate and understand their needs and concerns. Listen—don’t assume! 

• Reward your employees. Show them your trust by giving them latitude to make decisions to give customers/ clients better attention and go the extra mile.

• Remain focused on your business plan and goals. Now may not be the time to make drastic changes, but consider other work-arounds and doable opportunities.

• Review your business strategies. What is working and what is not? Adjustment and tweaks can make vast improvements.

• Touch base with mentors and make new ones through networking. Sharing ideas and challenges can help them reach their goals as well as help you reach yours.

• Take care of yourself. As a business owner, community organizer, or manager, your obligation is to lead. Learn new skills and business tactics while building new mind synapses, sharpen communication modes, and exercise your brain as well as your body.

However we cope, meeting the challenges head-on is what’s needed. Reach out and reinforce what has worked while embracing the new and different.

It all starts with you…