Bad Behavior Has No Place

Our harried server was like many attempting to earn additional revenue in a summertime tourism economy.
The popular Lake Michigan-side restaurant where she worked was crowded. But this evening at least, the diners were patient and polite, with realistic expectations. It was clear that a limited and overworked service staff was doing their best in a difficult situation—and in a community where virtually every business posted ‘help wanted’ signage.
That’s not always the case.
One of nearby Charlevoix’s eateries closed early recently due to boorish, impatient, and discourteous behavior of some of its patrons. (Read the MLive story about the incident by clicking here.)
That’s not a rare occurrence this summer.
Throughout the Northwest, retailers are recanting a rash of stories of rude, impatient patrons, demanding unrealistic service from overloaded staff.
With this in mind, instead of the customary tip at the conclusion of our enjoyable evening—we doubled the amount plus. So did our dining companions.
Perhaps that small gesture helped make our hard-working server’s evening just a bit better.
I know it did ours.

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