Fresh Takes on Social Media Marketing

Have you and your business embraced the undeniably effective and far-reaching potential of social media marketing?

This covers many current apps out there, from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube and TikTok. Short videos are easier to create than ever, due to the high-end technology that we may take for granted—and that fit in the palm of our hands—our phones!

Short-and-sweet videos efficiently convey a new product or service in a matter of seconds, as they needn’t be long to be effective. Videos are easier to create than ever, as phone cameras enable the creation of videos with the press of a button. 

Posting an engaging image of a product or service on your preferred social media site is not only easy to do, but can reach hundreds or even thousands of followers instantly. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has added meaning today, when it may be even more accurate to say “a picture could be worth a thousand dollars!”

If you’ve yet to create an Instagram account, now’s the time, as the app is offered for both iPhone and Android phones. 

Don’t forget that your company website is another form of social media, so take some time to evaluate the look and message your site is sending. Perhaps it’s time for a refresh, rebranding, or even a whole new site in order to best convey the product or service your company offers. Professional consultants can offer savvy insight on color, imagery, and site efficiency to take your company website to the next level. 

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, harness the easy-to-use and far-reaching potential that technology has put at our fingertips, either through free posts or budget friendly ad runs, and put social media to work for your business.

If you’re new to social media, don’t be intimidated; the apps and platforms out there are just one more tool in your business success playbook, and are not going away anytime soon—if ever. It may be more costly in the long run not to use these accessible avenues to reach more customers, and isn’t that why you got into business to begin with?

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