Question: What is worse than remembering your passwords? 

Answer: Changing your passwords.

In the world of work, there are few things that are so necessary and ubiquitous as passwords and most people have long lists of these catch-phrases, backwards spellings, and undecipherable conglomerations of letters, symbols and numerals.

Yet untold numbers of businesses – big and small – fall prey to the growing hordes hackers attacking online accounts.  Despite hearing warnings repeatedly from the experts, government, financial and IT companies, still a large number of us take no heed of their advice.

Statics show that it is now more important than ever to bite the bullet, listen to the pundits and tech gurus:  In 2021 there will be more stolen identities, information breaches and database thefts targeting the corporations and individuals online presence.

Although not foolproof, the best way to start protecting your intellectual property is to take all precautionary steps and change your passwords.  Frequently. 

Here are two online sites with tips on how to set strong passwords … and safely store them, too. and

They even provide hints on how to remember them!