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Slowing Down and Social Distancing

After working from home one afternoon—a fortunate position to be in during this Covid-19 time—I decided a bike ride was a great way to embrace the warm weather. I know exercise is important and I hadn’t been taking the time to work it in. I rode around my small town, biking through the downtown district […]

Memo To Our Partners – It’s Up To Us

Partners and friends,  As all of us face the challenge of limiting the spread of coronavirus, it’s apparent that what we do over the next few weeks or so will have a significant impact on the local and perhaps even national trajectory of the virus.  With that in mind, we have closed our Traverse City […]

Taming the Social Media Beast

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to dip your toe into the magical and massive world of social media. No communication channel has generated more buzz–and confusion–than the ever-changing face of social media. Most businesses use social media for marketing. With limited time and lean budgets, an efficient approach will help to get a handle […]