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Taking Care of Business

Swimming in a world of uncertainties like never before, the bedrock of business and life has never been more important. If asked to identify your core business values and principles and how they’ve sustained you, particularly in the past few years…what would you say? If ever there was a time to cling to small business verities, […]

Buckling Down…Again

It’s a venerable adage as applicable today as the first time you probably heard it… “Sometimes, you do what you have to do to get by.” It may not sound appealing, but today this sentiment is a reminder that what needs to be done isn’t always what we want to do. However, the underlying message is […]

Together Again

The great thing about the start of the summer season is the sense of optimism and excitement that comes with it. Though the calendar states the official start of summer is June 20, it’s Memorial Day weekend that kicks off the fun. We all know it was a trying year+, yet recently I saw several […]