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Quick Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

When you’re running a small business, there is so much to do on a daily basis that marketing can often fall by the wayside. Yet marketing is essential in letting the public know about your business, services, and products. What are the best ways to reach those consumers who can help your business grow?             […]

Media Pitching 101

“That’s unusual…and interesting.” “Hmm…wish I knew more.” “I don’t hear that every day.” These are the thoughts you want a journalist to have when you’re looking for media coverage. A media pitch is simple to do and can even help you hone your message. What’s most interesting about your business? What are you doing differently […]

Customer Service Still Counts

How much do you value customer service? Whether it’s a smile from the check-out person at the grocery store, or recovering a call back from a business the same day you call, customer service impacts our perception of a business.             There have been times when I’ve not even been greeted when I walk into […]