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Sailing Into Fall

It occurred to me while night sailing recently that as summer glides into fall, we change our perspective to focus on the immediate needs that arrive with the new season.             When the moon shines on the bay, we can only see the few things that are illuminated- a swatch of water and a faintly […]

Embracing Brief and Breathless Summer

It seems that suddenly, a busy summer has descended upon us. It’s a season we long for when winter is wearing white (and wearing on our nerves), and the heat of summer days are hoped for in the blustery and mercurial spring season. So alas- summer is here!             Despite being full of potential activities, […]

Life in Bloom

          It’s finally here – spring! We waited through a winter full of varied weather, thinking it wasn’t too bad. Then came the late season, heavy snowstorms of April. Yet today, we look out upon a shimmering bay and see more sailboats each day, anchored and ready for summer sailing. Spring […]