In a world of communications more glutted than ever with advertising messages, the well known statement attributed to nineteenth-century retail John Wanamaker is more relevant now than ever: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half …”

When crafting advertising buys and budgets for clients, we match the virtual limitless selection of advertising tactics with the clients’ culture, their objectives (target markets), and the different available mediums: online, digital, radio, print (newspapers/magazines), TV, niche publications and sponsor opportunities — to name a few.

Add to this the fact that demographics vary by region. For example: If client A is attempting to reach the 20- to 30-year-old market in the greater Grand Rapids area, then it’s likely an online advertising strategy will be recommended. Coupled with perhaps a niche publication buy, some clever outdoor advertising/mobile billboards, and a select social media campaign — moving the needle on the client’s brand recognition index is a safe bet.

If client B’s focus is a shotgun approach in the Leelanau Peninsula market, then the opening ad campaign is going to include print ads in the widely read Leelanau Enterprise newspaper, as well as a complementary Interlochen Public Radio buy.

Regardless the advertising, it falls into two types: institutional and direct response.

Institutional is focused on building or refreshing awareness of an advertiser and enhancing a favorable view of the organization, be it a for-profit, nonprofit, government agency or partnership. Sometimes called corporate advertising, billboard messaging typifies institutional ads.

Direct response advertising on the other hand is focused on spurring prospects to take a specific action. For instance, click to order the product now; call for more information; or we’re having a sale and now’s the time to buy the product!

Many online ads and automobile dealer ads in the regional newspaper typify direct-response advertising.

Regardless, we’re eager and able to craft a results-producing advertising program for your business.