One of the most fun things to do in graphic design is reflect the culture, vision and mission of a business or nonprofit in a logo.

We have several designers who not only enjoy the challenge of logo design, but are good at it. They could be earning their way anywhere, but choose to live here. Good for us — and our clients!

Simply put, a logo is a name, symbol, or trademark representing a company or organization.  Logos can be made up of text that is configured in a unique way. Your logo can be an illustration with your company’s name on or around the illustration. Or your logo can be a symbol. A logo may also be a combination of these, but its goal is always to project the company’s intended image.

It’s a “what we’re about” statement without the long-winded speech. That is why an organization that is many things is more difficult to capture in a single look or mark.

Logos give brand-name recognition and add visual appeal to any document or web page. The more it is used, the more it is recognized and the more impact it has.

Text Logos
Words in their purest form ARE images. Type fonts come in all shapes and sizes, which convey different impressions on the audience. A thick font conveys strength and power. A script font conveys elegance and austerity, and a slanted typeface conveys movement. Your company name thus can be your own logo, provided your type font displays the intended qualities of the organization.

Symbol Logos
A symbol uses an image or images that convey an actual or abstract representation of a business. A symbol is open to a wider interpretation of what the business is about. People have immediately grown to think “Nike” whenever they see a swoosh. The same is true for the McDonald’s golden arches, or a national flag.

Text and Symbol Logos
A brief amount of text, or sometimes just an abbreviation, complements the symbol. Never limit yourself to one option. It should be effective in color, in black and white, with a slogan, without a slogan and standing alone. How your audience will perceive your logo is the most important.

Logo Simplicity
Your logo should be simple because people process an image in their mind more readily than words alone.  The simpler the logo, the easier it will be to use. It’s easier to resize and recolor for various design purposes. That is why abbreviations/acronyms are so frequently used. Overly intricate designs are “lost” when reduced in size and are limited in their usage.