Client Glen Lake Association

We love working with nonprofits and the Glen Lake Association is one of the most important in northern Michigan. Glen Lake is a treasure to be treasured and it’s located alongside The Most Beautiful Place in America. What’s not to love?

Members of the Glen Lake Association include homeowners, biologists, boaters and farmers. The watershed area of Glen Lake is just as important as the lake itself, so education, membership and information need to go beyond the beach.

Result The Glen Lake Guardian program

The Glen Lake Association wanted a coordinated effort to get information out about how to protect the watershed, the lake and the land. The Lawton Gallagher Group worked closely with leadership and members to craft the message, then package it in the best way possible. We designed a logo and built the brand, then started getting the word out.

A direct mail campaign targeted existing members, then we reach out even more. Lawton Gallagher launched a media campaign that resulted in newspaper stories, radio shows and on-location TV interviews. Fliers were distributed throughout Leelanau County and numerous public meetings were organized in various locations at various times. The effort was concentrated in the summer months, when the population in the watershed region is 10 times what it is in the winter — and when the lake is getting the most use.

Throughout the campaign, we also made sure to get the message out about other programs and successes the Glen Lake Association has been responsible for.

A devastating August storm virtually shut down the area. After the initial round of cleanup, the Glen Lake Association leapt into action again, with the help of the Lawton Gallagher Group, and provided advice and information about how to recover from the storm in an eco-friendly and lake-friendly way.

The Lawton Gallagher Group helped with and finalized:

  • Creation of Glen Lake Guardian program
  • Gathering information for program
  • Logo design and branding
  • Promoting program through media
  • Updating website to introduce program
  • Design of collaterals for program
  • Event planning and promotion