With the growth of social media and Google’s online YouTube sensation, videos have become commonplace. 

We’ve produced them for numerous clients. And working in this communications medium is always exciting, fun and a challenge.

Here are links to a few sample projects we scripted and produced in collaboration with regional videographers:



Video is a powerful medium that can provide a strong connection to an audience.

But like any profession, there are quality video production firms and those whose work fails to transcend the “good to great” gap.

If you’re considering a video, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss it. 

In the meantime, here are some questions you should be asking when doing video due diligence:

·  “How does the video production process work?” The response should include covering everything you as the client will need to provide. It should also involve meeting the company’s technical team. “Who will shoot the video? Who will edit it? Who’s responsible for the final product?” Discuss expectations with all these professionals.

·  “How does the creative process work? OK, here’s what I’m thinking about. How can we make it better? What ideas can you contribute to making this an extraordinary production?”

·  Video cost. For instance: “We want to produce a five minute DVD. The story line and script will be created and drafted by us. But for budget purposes, we want to know how much the production will cost?” And while you’re at it, inquire about the average cost of similar length videos the company has done.

·  Payment terms. When discussing costs, this is an opportune time to flesh the project’s payment terms. Typical terms may include half down and the balance upon delivery. However, there may be other options. It’s in your best interest to learn them.

·  Recent clients. “We’d like permission to contact some of your recent clients.  May we have their names and contact information?” This is invaluable intelligence on the professionalism, performance and reliability of the video firm.