Business marketing plans are as diverse as the pundits dispensing advice on how to craft them.

At Lawton Gallagher we’ve developed countless plans and strategies for companies ranging from traditional mom/pop operations, to high-tech manufacturers, independent schools, environmental NPOs and health care facilities, to name just a few.

Though they differ in size, culture and target audience, all share some of the same objectives: A list of goals and the strategies and tactics that need to be in place to reach those objectives. Regardless, it all starts with step one, an inventory assessment.

·  What tactics are you presently using?

·  Why?

·  What has worked? Why?

·  What’s not working? And why not?

And that’s just for starters; there’s more.

A step-by-step analysis not only will crystallize your approach to marketing, but it’s also an ideal way to gain a clean overall view of the issues at hand and a road map to achieve objectives.


1) Begin with an analysis of your company’s current situation. 

2) Define your target audience.

3) Compile a list of your marketing goals. Where do you want to be in six months? A year? Five years?

4) Spend some time and resources if necessary developing the marketing and communication strategies and tactics integral to achieving the defined goals.

It’s about doing your homework, connecting resources and putting some thought into developing a clear and concise plan that will contribute to your company’s growth. Contact us today so we can build your plan — and put it in action.