Client Twisted Fish Gallery

Bob Streit knows how much people love the artwork in his Elk Rapids, Mich., gallery. They tell him every day, when they’re in browsing, learning and yes, buying.

But he also knows it’s seasonal. Streit wanted a way to increase sales during the winter months, to bring the joy of northern Michigan artwork to people all around the country, all year long.

Result Fine Art Mart

This online art gallery features the works of artists represented at Twisted Fish Gallery. In fact, because space isn’t an issue — as it is in the cozy bricks-and-mortar location — there’s even more artwork for sale online.

The Lawton Gallagher Group took this project from idea to success. We found a suitable platform for an e-commerce site, designed it and populated it with paintings and SEO-friendly copy and descriptions. We then marketed it through multiple channels, beginning with Twisted Fish’s extensive email contacts and going right through to providing the artists themselves with the materials and information they needed to help promote sales.

We also utilize Facebook and Google AdWords to continually gain an audience — and buyers. We’ve sold artwork from the East Coast to the West Coast. And, of course, we continue to market Twisted Fish Gallery and all its shows, exhibitions, classes and art.

The Lawton Gallagher Group has:

  • Built the Fine Art Mart website
  • Designed the Fine Art Mart logo and branding
  • Populated the site with artwork and SEO-relevant copy
  • Promoted Fine Art Mart both online and traditionally
  • Written and posted blogs on Fine Art Mart
  • Empowered artists to promote to their own circles