Client CherryFlex

CherryFlex is made from red tart cherries — the whole fruit, to capitalize on all the benefits — and is available in multiple forms including softgels, gel and concentrate. It’s enormously popular and is available at numerous retailers around the country — but not all the retailers.

CherryFlex owner Bob Underwood consistently heard from clients who want CherryFlex products but had no way to get them. No store near them carried CherryFlex.

Result Underwood Orchards

Lawton Gallagher Group created an online store to sell CherryFlex and now it’s available all around the country.

Working closely with staff at Underwood Orchards, we built a simple yet effective site that integrates with bookkeeping and inventory software in the office. We then promoted the site through the CherryFlex database, on social media and in traditional media.

Within two months of launching, the site is bringing in daily sales — and happy CherryFlex customers.

The Lawton Gallagher Group:

  • Created ecommerce site,
  • Integrated site with existing accounting and inventory systems
  • Designed and populated site
  • Promoted site through existing client base and beyond
  • Continues to market and promote online and traditional sales