Covid brain and a resurgence of kindness are two of the irrefutable outcomes of life the past 12 months has brought, as we pass the one year mark of various stages of confinement.

The ‘brain’ syndrome has been occasionally referenced by friends to describe everything from forgetting wallets or mobile phones, to turning the house inside out in search of reading glasses, even starting a Zoom meeting an hour before the prearranged time.

“Oh, that’s just my covid brain at work….” the lame excuse goes.

That said, let’s dwell on kindness.

We’ve looked for and found a heightened sense of courtesy and civility among so many, from professional office staff to small business attendants and neighbors.

The expressions are generous and heartfelt—as in, “this is a challenging time. And by treating you as we’d like to be treated, it feels good. Not only that, but in this situation like none other, it’s the right thing.”

Recently, our neighborhood staged a communal winter bonfire to provide the socialization we need and crave. Appropriately distanced, we shared refreshments and snacks, enjoyed one another’s company, and generally took stock of the blessings endemic to being able to live here while a worldwide pandemic rages.

This tonic was not only an eye-opener, it was humbling for the soul.

Here’s to times ahead full of renewed promise….

Stay well friends!