Blog It! Ideas for Your Business Blog

If your business has a website–and whose doesn’t– you likely have a page to post blogs. Fresh content is important to keep people engaged, as well as share information about your business and the latest technology or trends. They also serve to show people why they should be doing business with you and not your competitors. So how to keep the ideas for your blog flowing? If you’re stuck, we’re hoping these ideas will help, as shared in an Entrepreneur magazine article, “Need Ideas for Your Business Blog? Here’s 50.”  

Share Successes. If a customer gives you a great review, ask for permission to turn that testimonial into a blog post.Your business can claim to be the best, but what business doesn’t say that? Also, use the blog to ask for other customer stories.

Link the News to Your Business. Are current events affecting your customers?

Run a Google Alert on certain keywords related to your business or industry to find relevant news items to discuss.

Compile a link roundup. If you notice several interesting opinions on a topic, you can pull them together into a single post of the best ideas.

Talk about trends. Convey authority by talking about things that are evolving in your industry. Informative blogs are always well received.

Post a video. Create variety with a video post. You can give a sneak preview of a new product or show a promotional event.

Review a book. If you’ve read a book you think customers might like, why not share?

Review a product or service. This shouldn’t be one of your own products or services or a direct competitor’s offering, but rather a related item your customers might want to learn about.

Go behind the scenes. Give readers a photo or video tour of your plant, customer service desk or the backroom of your store.

Create a contest. Offer a prize for the most interesting customer suggestion or use of your product.

Take a reader poll. SurveyMonkey makes this easy. Or you can simply set up a poll on your business Facebook page and draw readers to “like” your page.

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