Quick Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

When you’re running a small business, there is so much to do on a daily basis that marketing can often fall by the wayside. Yet marketing is essential in letting the public know about your business, services, and products. What are the best ways to reach those consumers who can help your business grow?

            Here are a few tips to streamline your marketing efforts.

·      LinkedIn will grow relationships, particularly if you provide business to business services (B2B). Promote your company news through LinkedIn, and recognize the importance of building relationships. Direct people back to your site from LinkedIn to capture leads and potential buyers.

·      SEO and Instagram work well for small shops, like boutiques and specialty stores. 

·      Budget a small amount and give Facebook ads a try. There’s no denying the power of social media when reaching out to possible customers. 

·      Email marketing still works – and is one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with potential buyers. Utilize free email marketing tools, like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

·      Consider adding pop-ups and forms to your website to entice customers. Free trials and giveaways are popular methods in capturing email addresses. Once you’ve built up an email marketing list, customize purposeful campaigns that educate about your product, offer discounts, and welcome new subscribers.

 Keeping these points top of mind can help to ensure your marketing efforts are successful.