Life in Bloom

          It’s finally here – spring! We waited through a winter full of varied weather, thinking it wasn’t too bad. Then came the late season, heavy snowstorms of April. Yet today, we look out upon a shimmering bay and see more sailboats each day, anchored and ready for summer sailing. Spring flowers are triumphant and glowing and cherry orchards are ready to pop out their fluffy blossoms. These gifts of nature in springtime are our rewards for living through the cold winter months.

            Great things are worth waiting for, and worth working towards. What are your challenges and aspirations? Spring is a perfect time for reevaluation and making plans for change. A change in lifestyle perhaps. Time for more biking and hiking – the weather is no excuse now! Time to throw off winter’s cozy yet anti-social coat and reach out to friends and family. Make plans for an outdoor gathering, bonfire or meet up for trivia night.

            With your business or other entrepreneurial venture, what new actions and ideas will motivate you to give your clients the best, or push your own endeavor to new levels? Now’s a great time to plan a business open house, meet the community and offer a package deal or discount for new clients. A creative, promotional ad would help support local media, whether it’s in a local paper or on the radio, as well as raise awareness of your business. Get your name out there and reinvigorate your passion for the work you do. Take a workshop or read a book in your field of expertise or interest. Or maybe it’s time to pursue a passion you’ve been putting off. Coaching a sport, pursuing art or photography, or volunteering for a cause close to your heart are all ways to jump start your life this spring.

            Whatever it may be, remember: there’s no time like the present, and time itself is a present. Happy Spring!