Tips for Safe Online Practices

Tips for Safe Online Practices

It’s the season for happy holidays, yet hackers are always out there raining on the seasonal parade. To this end, we’re sharing vitally important information shared with us by our longtime collaborator, Al Steed of Advanced Computer Solutions.

            Al notes that Citrix users received an email, coming from Citrix Share File, requesting a password reset. Please know – this is a legitimate email. Aiming to be proactive, Citrix intended to minimize risks and their email notification was far from the norm. But as we know, these are not “normal” times. Protecting one’s business and giving the best service to customers is always a priority, no matter what time of year. 

            If using Spotify, be aware that a phishing email is being spread, trying to hijack login credentials. This phishing email uses a fake hyperlink. The consequent page appears identical to the legitimate one. Use caution when at any site asking for confirmation of log in credentials. You just can’t be too careful these days.

            Al also informed us that the Strategic Security Survey performed by Dark Readings states most organizations are not prepared for negligent users. These will be the main sources of date breaches, even if the person is unknowing. A negligent user is defined as those who click on anything and everything and forget to take the utmost caution on the internet.

            How to prevent negligent users, insidious hackers and harmful phishing emails? Educate your employees. KnowB4 Security Training can help greatly in this area as it teaches methods to safely surf the net and use email.

            Keep it happy for your business this holiday!