Media Pitching 101

“That’s unusual…and interesting.”

“Hmm…wish I knew more.”

“I don’t hear that every day.”

These are the thoughts you want a journalist to have when you’re looking for media coverage.

A media pitch is simple to do and can even help you hone your message. What’s most interesting about your business? What are you doing differently than others? Look for a special angle or interesting spin to try and make your media pitch as fresh and interesting as possible. If you’ve heard of the “30-second elevator pitch” you have the right idea already.

Ask yourself a few questions:

·     Newsworthy?

·     Why?

·     Specific media interest?

·     Best media contact method?

When pitching print in particular, check editorial calendars. These are typically posted online, and preview in advance what topics will be covered, some even up to a year. And if a journalist is intrigued by your pitch, you’ll get valuable exposure for your business through media’s expansive reach. The best part is, it’s free.

Media pitches can be done by phone or email, but despite how busy you may be or journalists actually are, it’s always better to speak to someone rather than just sending an email. Check online media sources to find the right contacts to pitch to. Target those who cover education, community, or business­– whatever makes the most sense for your product or service. Deliver your pitch with enthusiasm. If you’re not excited about it, why would anyone else be? 

Getting your business media exposure is one of the best ways to raise awareness with the public. Don’t feel intimidated when reaching out to media­–they’re always looking for news and content to cover. Novel ideas, new ways of doing business, or ingenious products will generate interest. Knowing what you know now, what are you waiting for?!