Staying Engaged

So how do you stay engaged after 20 years in the same business?

Easy, it’s called diversity, with no two days ever alike.

Consider that over the last two decades we’ve worked with some of the finest clients and communication consultants.

Since much of what we do is behind the scenes, we rarely collide with the “look at me” clamor raised by the smartest people in the room. What a relief.

What we do do is collaborate, devise, and implement communication strategies across a broad range of channels. At its core is writing.

In the south, we’ve worked with independent school entrepreneurs to access new and novel markets.

Eastward, LG crafted messaging and a communications strategy for a centuries old military school to launch a sustainable scholarship program.

Across the country, we’ve touted the merits of homes built with Northern Michigan White Cedar, the champagne of woods; raised recognition for one of the country’s leading purveyors of concealable anti-ballistic body armor, and leveraged efforts of innovative tart cherry entrepreneurs, extolling the health benefits of this amazing miracle fruit.

Add to that a mix of political activity–candidates as well as issues; professionals to mom-and-pop companies; rewarding work with arts and environmental nonprofits; and those unsung organizations that help people for purpose and not the pay.

To all who have entrusted us over the years with your causes, stories and dreams­–thank you.

Looking forward to the next decade…


Dee and Gregg Smith