Taming the Social Media Beast

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to dip your toe into the magical and massive world of social media. No communication channel has generated more buzz–and confusion–than the ever-changing face of social media.

Most businesses use social media for marketing. With limited time and lean budgets, an efficient approach will help to get a handle on this Jell-O-like, algorithm-driven phenomenon.

First, identify your audience. Who are you trying to reach? And why is this niche important? Next, list a few goals. What is it you want your audience to know about you and what makes your business unique? More importantly, what interests them? (Note: This is not the time for a hard sell. It’s all about creating compelling text that’s interesting and informative. If it resonates, your business will gain traction.)

Now consider the major social media sites. Choose one, perhaps two, initially.


It’s time to develop a posting calendar. When and where are you going to launch? Initial topics and frequency? Two to three times a week is good, using various types of content to keep things interesting. Set aside a regular time each week to post on your channels. Finally, be sure to allocate time for research and writing. What’s the online buzz? How might your posts leverage? Does it matter? Or perhaps it’s time for some pioneering.

The good news is there’s a world of online information at your fingertips.

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